Reduce energy consumption on new local space heating systems
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Posted by Ed Brown | October 09, 2018 | HVAC & lighting
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On 1 January 2018, a new regulation affecting “the ecodesign requirements for local space heaters” was implemented. This derives from an EU Commission Regulation transposed into UK law under the Energy Related Products Regulations (ERP). This new regulation is often referred to as ‘LOT 20’ and requires any new local space heating system installed from this date onwards to be compliant with set energy efficiency standards.

The aim of LOT 20 is to reduce the energy consumption in our homes through accurate management and control of electric heating appliances and minimise wasted energy. To meet the objectives of LOT 20, better use of intelligent timers, controls and sensors must be made.

The ecoSave Dynamic Heater has been LOT 20 compliant since January 2016 and has been designed to meet the heating demands of modern smart properties. This range of smart electric heaters are styled to blend with any décor and include the latest innovations to enhance heating comfort and lower energy usage. The ecoSave Dynamic Electric Heaters are suitable as a heating solution for apartments, domestic dwellings, holiday homes and offices.

To meet the objectives of LOT 20, better use of intelligent timers, controls and sensors must be made

The heating elements and high performance heating oil are housed within the sturdy aluminium body of the heater making the ecoSave an efficient oil filled radiator. Due to the modular construction and air flow outlets at the top of the heater, these aluminium electric heaters benefit from fast heat up times and provides an even surface temperature with optimum convection through all heating cycles.

The easy-to-use digital programmable thermostat is located at the top of the heater enabling simple manual control of the heater. It will accurately control both time and temperature, is fully programmable 24/7 and offers comfort, economy, frost protection and on/off settings.

To convert the smart home Wi-Fi ready ecoSave Heater to an intelligent appliance that can be controlled anywhere, anytime the consumer simply has to install the EHC SmartHome Wi-Fi kit. The ecoSave Heater combined with the SmartHome Wi-Fi kit are also ideal for hotels, student accommodation and properties for let as all the heaters can be fully controlled remotely. The APP can control up to 30 heaters from a single gateway which is easy to install.

For further information on the ecoSave Dynamic Electric Heater range and how they could be suitable for your needs, please contact EHC on 01698 820533 or visit our website.