Principals by CH&CO spreads festive cheer
Principals by CH&CO has hosted a Christmas pop-up restaurant for a Margate primary school and its local community
Posted by Jo Golding | December 21, 2018 | School life
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Principals by CH&CO, in partnership with Northdown Primary School, Margate, hosted a Christmas pop-up restaurant for the school and local community yesterday.

Pupils of the school and their families, plus members of the wider community, were invited to come along and share a lunch with friends and neighbours.

Principals by CH&CO, the catering partner for Northdown Primary School, provided the lunch and its on-site team and people from the wider business gave their time voluntarily to prepare and serve the food.

Local businesses also supported the Christmas pop-up restaurant by donating decorations and gifts.

Food is a wonderful way to bring communities together, and what better time of year than at Christmas

Peter McKenna, sales director for Principals by CH&CO, said: “The team at Northdown Primary School is very excited to be hosting the Christmas pop-up restaurant. We’ve worked with the school for 12 years and in this time, we’ve become part of the school community. Our involvement and contribution to the school goes beyond serving nutritious, tasty lunches during term time, we’re committed to sharing the joy and benefits of good food and mealtimes with pupils and parents beyond the classroom. So, when the team was asked to give up their time to help bring this great initiative to life, they jumped at the chance!

“Food is a wonderful way to bring communities together, and what better time of year than at Christmas. We can’t wait to see the pupils and their families sharing a wholesome lunch and enjoying the festivities. It’s great that we’ve also been able to include members of the wider community, it’s going to be a truly magical and uplifting event.”

Sheila Todd, head teacher at Northdown Primary School, added: “The Christmas pop-up restaurant is a fantastic way to bring the school and local community together and spread a little festive cheer. It’s going to be a joyous event for everyone, and our pupils won’t recognise the school hall. 

“It’s been great to work with our catering partner, Principals by CH&CO, on this event. They’ve played a big part in bringing this to life and been very generous in providing and creating the delicious lunch and giving their time on the day. I’d also like to thank all the local businesses that contributed by donating decorations and gifts.”