Oxford University's Nazrin Shah Centre shortlisted for award
The new Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre built by Beard has been shortlisted for 'Social Infrastructure Project of the Year'
Posted by Lucinda Reid | July 13, 2018 | Events
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Oxford contractor Beard is in the running for a top industry award for the construction of the stunning new Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre at the University of Oxford

Beard worked with Niall McLaughlin Architects on the design and build of the new 120-seat, single-storey theatre and conference centre which, with its e-hub and social learning space, also functions as a gathering place for university groups. The BCIA award recognises excellence in completed projects – from concept, procurement and design and build quality, to delivery on time and budget, functionality and user satisfaction. Due consideration must also be shown to key elements including excellence in innovation, safety, community engagement, sustainability, and, crucially, fitness for purpose and end user benefit. 

“We are thrilled that the Sultan Nazrin Shah Centre has been shortlisted for this prestigious industry award which recognises construction projects that deliver exceptional social impact,” said Dean Averies, Director of Beard Oxford. “It’s been a fantastic project to build and it’s great to see this superb new facility fulfilling its social and community purpose.”

The Nazrin Shah Centre is named after Nazrin Shah, the eldest son of the Sultan of Perak, Malaysia, who is an alumnus of Worcester College.