'Grease' is the word at John Cabot Academy
More than 90 students from Years 7-11 auditioned to take part in the musical, with 50 making it through the final audition and into the cast
Posted by Julian Owen | March 13, 2018 | School life
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Students at Bristol's John Cabot Academy put on their own spectacular version of ‘Grease’ for their annual Academy production. Hotly contested auditions saw more than 90 Year 7-11 pupils put themselves forward, with 50 accepted into the production. 

The musical about teens in love in 1950s California was 4-5 months in rehearsal, with students giving up time in their holiday and after school. Once onstage it ran for three sellout nights and had the audience dancing in the aisles to hits including ‘You’re The One That I Want’ and ‘Greased Lightning'. 

The show was supported by a very talented five-piece student band, consisting of year 11s and a Year 10 student, who performed with excellent musicianship throughout the run. The lights and sound were managed by Mr Bridges and Mr Kennedy and their technical team of Key Stage 3 students. 

The T Birds and Pink Ladies also performed segments from the show at Watermore Primary School in Frampton Cottrell. They sang hits, acted scenes and undertook a Q&A with pupils at the school. 

Emily Grainger, drama teacher, and Charlotte Grierson, music teacher, said: “This was our first joint production and we have been really overwhelmed by the amount of students that wanted to get involved. We are very proud of their hard work, commitment and achievement in putting on this amazing production. A big thank you must also go to staff and parents who have supported us in the process. 'Grease' is the word!”